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A new melodic rock project band featuring two young and talented Italian musicans, Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti (Charming Grace, Shining Line) and Davide Barbieri (Wheels of Fire, Charming Grace) together with the awesome singer Michael Shotton (Von Groove). The lineup is rounded up by Sven Larsson and Ivan Gonzalez on guitars and Andrea Gipponi on bass.

Raintimes - Debut Album

debut album

out on December 1st, 2017 via

Frontiers Music Srl

the band

Special Guests

Niclas Olsson
Keyboards on “I Need Tonight”
Philip Lindstrand
Backing Vocals on “I Need Tonight”
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Keyboards & Backing Vocals on “Just A Little Bit More”
Erica Trovato
Backing Vocals on “Together As Friends”
Jesús Espín
Backing Vocals on “Missing Piece”
Daniel Flores
Percussion on “I See The Light”
Michele Luppi
Keyboards on “I See The Light”


The Album

Forever Gone

Make My Day

Don’t Ever Give Up


I Need Tonight


Just A Little Bit More

Empty Days

Together As Friends

Missing Piece

I See The Light


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